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Give your skin a fabulous tanned look. You'll get outstanding tanning services from Corner Carousel of Ovid, MI. Exposure to harmful UV rays during summer can be dangerous to your skin.


Every individual's skin is different and requires a different tanning approach. You can count on our experienced team to give you the result you have always wanted. You'll get top-notch tanning lotions and eyewear to protect your eyes too! Call 989-834-2587 today!

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The tanning session time is based on the individual’s skin type. Certain skin types can burn more easily, so we start off with a smaller exposure time to build tanning tolerance.


Four units are available: Two stand-ups and two beds. For beds, tanning time starts from 15 minutes and then it is gradually increased. Stand-up units start off with a 5-minute session and then work up to a session of 15 minutes. We also offer 1-month and 3-month packages.

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